Press release


Amaclio comes from “Ama” meaning “love” (from the Latin verb amare), and “Clio” (the historical muse): the name Amaclio invites us to a love affair with history. Amaclio is dedicated to promoting tangible and intangible French and European heritage by staging multitechnological shows (large-scale video projection, video mapping, performing arts… ) while embracing the widest possible audience.

Amaclio is a company that designs, produces and stages cultural events. It was founded by François Nicolas – cofounder of the Arthur Straight group – and Bruno Seillier, stage director and playwright of more than 40 performances.

These last three years, 3 shows were given in ONU Heritage sites: La Nuit aux Invalides, monumental video show in the Honor Courtyard of Les Invalides, 
Les Luminessences d’Avignon, a monumental, 360° video-projection in the Courtyard of the Popes’ Palace in Avignon and Les Écuyers du Temps at Seaumur castle which associated performing arts, equestrian and monumental light show.

Since the creation of Amaclio in 2012, its shows gathered more than 400 000 spectators.